Button Factory Arts - An Online course in Pochoir

Due to the complexity of making mokuhanga tools available to beginning students, I'm pleased to be offering a course in pochoir, or fine art stencilling which I have used in my work occasionally over the years.  The course will be held by zoom, Friday January 29th and February 5, from 1- 4pm.


Button Factory Arts now has their registration

information available.


Notes on the Pochoir course. There is a list of required tools and materials on the Button Factory website. While several cutting tools are recommended, I would like to encourage registrants to use a scalpel with an #11 blade. While these are very sharp and must be handled with care, they are very effective for cutting mylar. I also recommend a tempered glass surface with a scalpel rather than a cutting mat. I can make the blades available at cost if you discover they aren't available. Please use the contact form on my homepage to get in touch.

Some students have asked me about what kinds of images to collect. Here below is an example of a photograph and how it was abstracted to become a pochoir print. This also suggests that coloured paper might offer an effective background for some images.

Last update October 21, 2016


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