Next Upcoming Mokuhanga Workshop

August 22 - 25, 10 am - 3pm (Mon- Thurs)


201 High Street, Southampton,


N0H 2L0


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I've had a few inquiries about providing  mokuhanga classes online, generally from people who require distance learning. I have tried teaching mokuhanga through Zoom with limited success using my cell phone and the camera function of my laptop. It looks  like I  need to get a so-called document camera to suspend over my demo space which would offer high resolution images of procedures to students. However another issue is the size and resolution of students' work in progress. When teaching I try to respond to folks individually and give constructive crits, but if I cannot see what you are doing it's hard to give useful advice. If you are interested in contacting me about studying online, I will add your name to the list. Once I have a class size, of students who are willing  and able to ensure good video transmission, I may take this a step further. Thanks for  your interest!

Last update October 21, 2016