This chapbook illustrates the basic steps of the mokuhanga process. It was originally intended as a guide for workshop students who had some familiarity with the process.


The book was designed by of Toronto, and the cover is embossed with the characters for moku木 and hanga 版 executed by esteemed calligrapher, Noriko Maeda of Waterloo, Ontario.


There is a a trade edition and a handsewn limited edition in an edition of 25. For further information or to purchase, contact the artist. Please let me know your address so I can estimate shipping costs and provide you with an accurate total cost.

Trade Editions:    US$10 + shipping.

Limited Edition: US$55 + shipping






workshop.mokuhanga (at) gmail (dot) com

Mokuhanga: A Beginner's Manual

Chapbook cover was letterpress printed from photopolymer plates on Neenah environment 100lb cover paper. Covers are folded double, washi endpapers, signed and numbered out of an edition of 25.

Mokuhanga: A Beginners' Manual

The original images were completed on vellum and show details of the process. Text provides brief description of tools, materials and procedures. The contents are printed on creme coloured paper.

Colophon page, numbered and signed.